ok first day of senior year tomorrow and my only concerning thought is “which class is gonna be my nap period this year ??”

my guess: AP Bio. but we’ll see.

I am pumped to see everyone and be super tall and old. WHEEEE.

but like is this a joke, I feel like Im gonna get so bored so easily LOL. guess I gotta make sure I go out every weekend to keep my sanity.

successful summer.

okay so this summer i kept a lil notebook and had one page = one week and i wrote down what i did for every single day

i just counted and.. *drum roll* there was a total of 9 days in which i didn’t go hang out with people this summer. 9 days out of 2+ months that i spent alone. 9. days.¬†

and i also slept in my own bed, alone, for like ~15 days out of the 2+ months.

i mean i’m not an expert or anything but i’d say this summer was a success =]

s/o to my dad for giving me an unprecedented amount of freedom